New Collection

This classic new collection that we created for this winter season is to die for. It gives a classy yet edgy look to some of our favorite looks over the years. Our goal is to bring you fashion that is bold and yet exciting to harnesses the beauty of life and passion of art.

Each design was created to be versatile for different sizes and shapes. All of these designs are available in sizes ranging from small to a 5X. All of these items are handmade with love and care. Which each garment that we make we do so with love and the hopes that when you receive this item it will radiate positive energy in your life.



This collection was a blast to create while we only have one design for the men at this moment we are expanding upon that as well. So go out in style during this holiday season turn some heads.

As we always say here at TiShanelle " why blend and when you can stand out it's more fun!".

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