Embrace the Skin you are in!

There are so many ways the the world tears apart you worth of self that its sad. Self worth is determined by how we feel about ourselves though often times it is influenced heavily by what everyone else deems as beautiful instead of what our definition of beauty is.

Regardless of what society tells you you are beautiful. No amount of stretch marks scars blemishes or grey hairs can change that. Who deemed those things unbeautiful to began with? Embrace every curve freckle blemish and scar. Wear what makes you happy not what others tell you you should wear. When you are free to make those choices and to express your soul in a way that makes you smile it makes it all worth it. Who cares if its not popular who cares if that makes you different. Why blend in when you can stand out its definitely more fun! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise.

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