October Events

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

We have some very exciting events for October!

The fall is finally upon us. It's time to bring out the warm hoodies, sweaters, tights and sweatpants and enjoy the crisp breeze that the night air has to offer. This is a month of so many beautiful things to see and so many things you can enjoy with your family.

The month of October brings so much joy and as the seasons change we must find new ways to indulge ourselves in ways that make us happy.

Self love is one of the most vital things that everyone should have. Not only does it affect how you operate the world it also affects your ability to love others.Which is why we wanted to be parts of a "Loving the skin I'm in celebration". This is a celebration of acceptance and appreciation to celebrate you. This event can be attended virtually as well as in person.

There is a cost for this event it's $20 virtually and $30 for in person lunch is provided.

We plan on ending the Month of October with a bang! So in addition to this event we will also be doing a fashion show brunch on October 30th. Another fashion show well of course we have tons more designs that we want you to have in your clothing collection. After all unique is definitely our specialty.

These events are the perfect way for us to help you to embrace not only the change in season but also the changes your life may be experiencing.

Event details

1)Loving the skin I'm in

Time: 10am- 2pm

(In person $30 lunch is included)

1901 North 11th Street

Philadelphia PA

(Virtually $20)


2) Fashion Show Brunch

Time: 12pm-3pm

309 South 48th Street

Philadelphia pa

We home that you can come out and enjoy these events!